Thrifter Share-the LAST one here

But have no worries I’m just moving all blogging back to Hey What’s for Dinner Mom? I started this site as a place to share non-food ideas and posts, what it actually did was divide my time and attention between two sites and I eventually became overwhelmed and unproductive. I can’t split my interested so entirely that I just give up. So EVERYTHING you like about this site will be moving back to Hey What’s for Dinner Mom, thrifter share, crafting ideas, DIY posts, giveaways ALL of it hosted over there. So I do hope you’ll all come, and link up back in back in the blog-homeland. Please?

I wanted to have new thrifted things this week but the thrifts and sales just weren’t having it, at all. I tried, I dug, I looked, I planned (and failed) to go to a huge garage sale and well I found nothing worth a hoot. The I realized my house is full of lovely things I HAVE thrifted so why not look at those? Yes??

I changed the decor on my hutch this week because jadeite and pink are so much more summery and now that it’s actually fall I realized it was time to trot out more seasonally appropriate colors. Like Flame from Le Creuset and Descoware, it doesn’t get anymore fall for me than hot orange.

I’ve done Flame before, I love it, I could have it displayed every day of the year and never tire of it. Yes, there’s a but coming, but I wanted to add in non-Flame pieces and really showcase some more vintage goodies. Every single piece on this hutch was thrifted in some way, either it was gifted to me (and bought second hand) or I bought it second hand or I won it or a gift certificate and purchased it(essentially free to me!).

thriftermakerfixerfarm.comThe base layer of the hutch has a DescoWare French Oven on the right, that was an Estate Sale purchase, I don’t remember the price but it was below the 20 dollar range. The Le Creuset Trivet I bought with winnings from a cooking contest, I won a 500 dollar gift certificate to William and Sonoma and bought a set of Le Creuset cookware with it, best use of 500 dollars EVER. And the oven mitts were an Estate Sale find this summer and the orange pot on the left is what I believe to be is an insert for a double boiler, its unmarked.

thriftermakerfixerfarm.comThe middle shelf holds a little unmarked Orange teapot from and Estate Sale, a squirrel tea light holder, mushroom salt and pepper shakers, and a DescoWare Bean Pot. I really need to use the bean pot and get comfortable using it, anybody use one?

Top row has a possible Dorothy Thorpe compote dish from the local thrift store all the way on the right, DescoWare divided baking dish and Pyrex salt and pepper shakers to the left. The canisters on top I won from Van over at Thrift Core, I love them and they pretty much live there all year round. The hutch itself is second or third hand, I bought it for 100 bucks from a dear friend and almost ruined it with a disastrous run with milk paint, NEVER AGAIN.

There you have it, I think everything on the hutch including the hutch was had for under 150 dollars, thrifted price that is. I hope hope hope H O P E you will all come and link up over at Hey What’s for Dinner Mom next week, I will of course put up a link to send all linkers over there, maybe you too?


Thrifter Share-the I Throw Shade Edition

A post to share your thrifted goodies, whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first!

I need lamps, the sun is starting to go down at regular time, around 8:30 ish or so and it’s darn near dark by 9:00 pm. I guess it’s only fair, we spend half of our year fairly well lit up with natural light so I guess I can’t complain TOO much about needing lamps September through April. I guess I should clarify also that I have lamps, it’s shades that I lack and need desperately.

I bought two gorgeous vintage lamps and both of their shades were of the vile variety. Old, dusty, greasy and stained and also broken. The lamps are fairly grimy but with a bit of tlc they’ll be a gorgeous as ever. It’s shades I need and it’s shades that will make or break these lamps. Thrift stores, the common sense approach to looking for shades for old lamps, has lamp shades that look similar to the ones these came with, old, dusty, greasy and stained and also broken. I’ve perused the box stores hoping beyond hope I’d find something anything worth a hoot. That was a joke, not only was their stock made for this exact season of this exact year of this exact decade and therefore subject to being “out of fashion” in exactly 2.3 seconds they were all crap. Crap made, crap materials, crap style, I can’t blame them though, the public wants what the public wants, and they don’t want mid mod lamp shades for 2014 lamps. But I do so off I go to the lighting gallery, my wallet is already panicking at the thought of that bill, but I guess the perfect shade will be worth right?

Enough throwing hate (and shade!) at box stores and their less than awesome goods for sale, let’s look at the lamps!

This is the first one that I’ll be buying a shade for because it’s in perfect We might still rewire it to make sure everything is up to date and not old as sin inside. Other than that and a good scrubbing, it’s ready to roll.

thriftermakerfixerfarm.comNo it’s not wood just faux wood grain on pottery.

This is the second lamp and it was damaged when the guy holding the sale left it outside in the wind and then was confused as to why I wouldn’t pay full price just because it needed a ‘little repair work’. I was confused as to why he wanted full price for something he was going to throw out at the end of the day because it didn’t sell. Yep, he had no plans for donating his sale leftovers, he planned to dump them all, I think when I told him a few stores would come and pick up his leftovers he realized it might be an easier route to go. I HOPE so! Anyway this lamp needs to be completely taken apart and put back together so it stops moving about and looking broken, I think I’ll start that today after I scrub up the other one.

And wish me luck because I’m going to haul the big brown lamp off to the lamp store for some help in picking out a shade. I will pay full price for the perfect and I will not complain. I PROMISE!

Now link ‘em up thrifters!




Thrifter Share Cake Plate Edition

A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to sell them, keep them or give them, share them here first. Birthday Week is officially over. My youngest son is now 9, not really sure how or why that happened so quickly but there’s not a lot I can do about it. So wow a nine year old, a ten year old and twenty one year old, no wonder I’m so tired and wrinkly. HA! I’ll blame it on them like I still blame the “baby weight” on them. I’m a dish hoarder, I freely admit this. I have a room full of dishes and often switch out what we’re using so it’s always something  new(old!!) and fresh. I tried, this past winter, to whittle down what I have in that room but it’s SO HARD to get rid of vintage stuff. Can I get a hell yeah?? I would hold up one or two pieces trying to decide if I should keep it or sell them and honestly I’d rather have the pleasure of gorgeous, kitschy old pieces than the 8 dollars I could sell them for. I did dump a lot of the pieces I felt no love for and I’ve been hesitant to add new pieces so there’s the bright spot, I’m down some and not adding more. I made a cake this week that needed a cake plate and I also made a pan of brownies in a tart pan that needed a cake plate. A banner week is made when you actually bake enough to need TWO CAKE PLATES, so a banner week for me. I dug out the Fenton Milk Glass cake plate for the tart pan brownies,it usually lives here on the hoosierthrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.combut it looked really nice with brownies on it too.thrifter share For the actual birthday boy’s kid bash I made a chocolate vanilla marble cake, with almond butter cream and flaked coconut. I wanted a nice tall cake plate so I used this glass  onethrifter share I paid 2 dollars for. It has a chip out of it but I don’t care no one is licking it. I’d planned to use this aluminum cake plate thrifter share with it but forgot to put the base on cake plate before I started frosting the cake, I remembered when I started adding coconut. Whoops. I love this old piece especially the mid mod swoop of the handle. And while I was bringing out cake plates I thought why not bring out the other two thrifter share delicious pieces I own and love.The plate on the left is about 10 inches high, a really nice high cake plate, I use this in buffets when I want to squeeze in more food but I’m out of space. And the shorter plate on the right was given to me by my mom, or maybe I never returned it? Anyway it was hers and a great many cakes from my youth graced it.

Thrifter Share

A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first.

Well Labor Day snuck right up on me, and before I knew it I’d missed posting thrifter share, whoops. I guess the end of summer is just so busy around here it didn’t really occur to me that I needed to post on Sunday night even if the kids are going to be home the next day. Sure, summer was like that just 3 short weeks ago but how quickly I picked up the rhythm of the school year.

I found the coolest game that I think we’re going to keep, 221 B Baker Street.

thrifter share
An old Sherlock Holmes game with different mysteries you have to solve. thriftermakerfixerfarm.comIt actually came with 2 extra ‘sets’ of mysteries and you can buy more on ebay, if you’re inclined to that is. I think we’ll play it and see if we like it before we decide to keep it, and definitely we’ll have to like it before we buy more mysteries.


I also grabbed up these old fashioned 3D glasses. thriftermakerfixerfarm.comThe ones you get nowadays in theaters are not like these, they’re more like sunglasses not red and blue lenses. I figured these would sell well on etsy or ebay. Someone, somewhere will need them for a prop, I’ll be putting them in the easy shop this week.

If you have kids heading back to school you might want to check out the post I wrote over at Hey What’s for Dinner Mom? about the refillable yogurt tubes we’ve been using in lunches for a few weeks now. We love them!

So what did you spend your pennies on? Show and tell time!

Thrifter Share

A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first.

Well you all are NO help whatsoever, I was seriously hoping for a positive ID on the candy dish/covered compote that may or may not be a Dorothy Thorpe. HA! It’s ok, I know someday someone will read that post and say “hey that dish IS a Dorothy Thorpe!” and then I’ll know. I guess it probably doesn’t matter right now, because I’m keeping it, for now anyway.

I’m getting into my ‘kids are in school’ groove, I drop them off, clean the house, work online for a bit, work on projects, work outside, exercise and go pick them up. I hit up the local thrift stores once or twice a week. I only plan on listing a few things on ebay and etsy because I have some bigger projects I’m working on, I’ll share when I’m a little farther along on them.

I found this fetching little creamer thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comthrifter share
at one of the local stores. I love the simple  orange poppy on it, poppies feel slightly art nouveau-ish to me. Not this one in particular but usually they do and I kind of love them. This piece is NOT for me however, I’m going to donate it to our school for our monthly coffee get together. I always forget to bring a cream pitcher and usually end up using a mason jar, it will be nice to have a dedicated pitcher already at school.

My son found this Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest Chess Set, in absolutely perfect condition.

thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comIt had never been played with or even take out of the box. I like it because each piece is labeled and I don’t have to remember who is who. thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comI finally have the moves each piece makes but when they change shape with a new theme, I struggle. And when I struggle with who is who, I lose. Oh who am I kidding my eight year beats me, my ten year old can’t bear to play with me, the twenty one year old and my husband just roll their eyes when I say “I’ll play chess with you”, so yeah I’m pretty lame no matter what.

And I spent an unfortunate, inordinate amount of time trying to get one good profile head shot for one of the I-can’t-tell-you-about-it-yet projects I’m working on. 75% of the problem was me, feeling under the microscope, 20% was operator failure on the camera end and the other 5% was the dog, who kept approaching offering to get me dirty and slimy. Mastiffs are a damn needy breed. I think we finally got a decent shot (out of 300!!) and both the shirt AND the sweater were bought at the second hand store.

thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comMy hair is totally out of control in the unusual humidity, but it finally rained tonight, so maybe that sweaty bit of life is over?

Link it up people, show me what you’ve got! And make sure to follow the board on pinterest. And visit all the the thrifting geniuses who are smart enough to link up.

Thrifter Share Mid Mod Mystery

A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them share them here first.

{Our router died last week, with school starting I decided to NOT run right out and buy one but to wait for the kids to get in school and take care of the problem after I made sure their transition was smooth. It was great for them but mine was a bit rough, I have a hard time changing gears. I’m better now and I consoled myself with thrifting, so consider yourself warned.}

I’ve got a bit of a mystery to solve today and I need your help. What is this?

Mid Mod Mystery thrifter/maker/fixer/

I first saw this a week or two ago shoved in the back of the glassware shelves of a local thrift store. I thought hmm pretty and moved on, I’m so used to absolutely everything worth a hoot being separated out, eBay priced and sent to the specials shelves, I hardly bothered to look closely. When it was still there a week later I slowed down and looked closely.

Mid Mid Mystery thrifter/maker/fixer/

It just felt lovely and definitely mid century modern so I did a quick search for silver rimmed candy dish. About a gazillion hits for Dorothy Thorpe silver rimmed compote came up, had I actually found something great? I already had it in my basket and decided I get it and do more research from home, I HATE being THAT person googling in the thrift store.

Once I got home I dug a little deeper and found out that Dorothy Thorpe made a name for herself by buying plain glassware and etching it or painting it with sliver bands of sterling sliver or platinum. She’s known to have signed most of her work with a DT, mine is not signed, although I also read that she signed her etchings and not necessarily her silver band pieces. What I do know is that her pieces all had a fairly clear line of definition, no fading or ombre on her pieces, those were most likely Queens Lusterware, I think, um maybe.

So what do I have? I don’t really know. It is silver though, I do know that because I polished it up a bit.Mid Mod Mystery thrifter/maker/fixer/

Mid Mid Mystery thrifter/maker/fixer/

Some of the producers of silver band pieces didn’t use silver, Dorothy Thorpe seems to have used the real deal. So maybe yes Dorothy Thorpe? Replacements LTD seems to think it’s a yay. And if I went by eBay sellers I’d definitely be calling this a DT but you can’t trust eBay search results because many sellers see one person call it a famous name and then everyone does it too. Hello confusion!

Anybody have any personal experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Opinions are also accepted!


Thrifter Share Pillow Talk Edition

A post to share your thrifted finds whether you plan to sell them, keep them or give them, share them here first.

Pillows. Yes I buy them. And when they look like thisWindows Phone_20140803_21_46_22_Pro__highres I push little old ladies down, snatch the pillows up and cackle gleefully. Ok, I lie, I never push little old ladies down but I do snatch adorable hand embroidered pillows right out from in front of them, especially when they weren’t even aware said pillows existed. I swear she wasn’t even looking at them, she was looking at something hanging above them and deciding if the wind chime was worth her time and I happened to be right next here and help myself to something in front of her. I felt only a little bad but she didn’t even seem to notice me, she was seriously intent on some awesome seagull wind chimes.

These gorgeous old pillows came home with me because hello kitsch!, hello vintage Alaska! and hello handmade! I had to have them. First I put them in the freezer though because ew what if they had bugs? So I popped them in the freezer for 2 or 3 days to kill of anything that might be living in them, there was no way I was going to wash them and risk running colors of doom and destruction. I pulled them out, let them thaw and put them to use. I wasn’t too worried about them having any bugs though because they were in a large cardboard barrel wrapped in plastic bags, as if packed away lovingly by the owner 20-30 years ago when they no longer fit her style. I’m glad I found them, I think they are lovely. thrifter share

thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comthrifter share This map Alaska has been used a LOT, seriously I’ve never seen felt get so worn and almost pilled. I love the details on it too. The Willow Ptarmigan(state bird), oil fields of the North Slope, Forget-Me-Nots, Walrus, The Yukon it’s all here and plus a funky yellow dog which I think must be a fox?thrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comthrifter share thriftermakerfixerfarm.comWindows Phone_20140803_21_44_30_Prothrifter share Anyway they now live happily on my chairs except my kids have the audacity to use them, that’s like using the nice guest hand towel in the bathroom before guests arrive, but apparently they din’t get that memo because these pillows get loved and used daily. I almost want to be grumpy about it but they were meant to be used so I kind of like that fact that they use them, I guess I’m torn.

What awesomeness did you find this week?? Share away and go visit the other thrifting linkers!