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A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first!

Let’s move right on into my fabulous finds from last week’s estate sale, I’ve finally merged what I’m keeping into our house and snapped a few more pictures too.

I love these old kitchen pieces and they’re already tucked into my kitchen ready to go to work.

I even donated an extra ladle too and replaced it with the old red tupperware ladle. The scoops, I love them, I hope they work in our snack jars for scooping instead of dirty hands. (Yes, I AM the killer of all fun!) And well the tongs are super awesome old canning tongs so they stay, I may donate my other pair, I certainly don’t need two, but I won the other pain in a jelly making contest so I’m torn.

Then there are two more jadeite colored tupperware bowls, one is a lettuce bowl with a little grid to hold the lettuce up off the bottom of the bowl and keep it out of water. Love the color, may just sell them but for now I will relish their color.

Windows Phone_20140628_10_18_04_Pro__highres

Windows Phone_20140628_10_17_30_Pro

Oh I love these, although my sons are both kind of horrified at how gaudy they are but oh so gaudy in an AWESOME

And they get better.

Windows Phone_20140628_10_13_02_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20140628_10_13_24_Pro

Who the hell has 43 year old potholders from a Pontiac dealer? THIS GIRL.


Pyrex Salt and Pepper Shakers! Windows Phone_20140628_10_15_24_Pro__highres


Danish Mid Century Mod Gravy Bowl and Ladle. I like it but I’m leaning towards selling, it came in it’s original box and packaging bag.

Windows Phone_20140628_10_14_50_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20140628_10_14_29_Pro



And some more milk glass, this time bowls.Windows Phone_20140628_10_20_53_Pro Windows Phone_20140628_10_20_30_Pro__highres

Ayup, more milk glass passed over by the make a buck nasty local reseller. She was at the sale early and kept trying to get where the family had things put away to keep. She was snatching things up and acting like an idiot and well, you know what, I bet we’ve all been there with resellers like that, eh? I just kept my head down and dug where we were allowed to dig. My hutch is rather full at this point, I kind of like it, although I think it’s time to change it




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  1. the potholders are glorious in my opinion!
    i have a very similar red melamine serving spoon as well, thrifted vintage of course – and it is so much better than anything you could buy from the shops of nowadays.

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