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I think one of the hallmarks of being a grownup is being able to have enough after everything that you have to do, to occasionally take advantage of the really great deal that comes your way. This time, a friend had to sell this awesome Mark V Shopsmith, and we snapped it up.

IMG_0557  IMG_0555
Not quite thrifted, but definitely a deal.

Both my grandfather and Laura’s had one of these, and it was my introduction to power tools in my early teens. The shopsmith is home shop’s swiss army knife, not the best tool for everything, but a dang good one and there’s an attachment for everything. It can be a lathe, a drill press, a horizontal borer, a tablesaw, a router, and disk grinder (and a few dozen other tools).


It’s going to come in handy. Already in the two days I’ve had it, it’s helped me remake an old kitchen knife into a real beaut.

14th c. knife

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